Some of the joy I find in creating assemblages comes from the hunt for the components and the re-purposing of them. This assemblage features a discarded rusty disk that I discovered in a thrift shop.
Historically, some pieces of assemblage art, such as works by the great Robert Rauschenberg, were valued for their anti-aesthetic character. However, the aesthetics of Rusty Disk actually appeal to me, as I love its shape, colour, and texture. I’m also very pleased to have re-purposed it and given it a new life.
In working with rusted components of this and other assemblages, I have been delighted to encounter people in the art community (producers and consumers) who share my appreciation of rust, including some who are actually quite excited about it. Rusted elements can be found in such works as my two hanging assemblages entitled ‘Overlapping Fragments: A Place to Call Home’ and ‘Remnants’ and in my piece entitled ‘Connections’.

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