Welcome to my website.

I am an artist who divides my time between the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island off Canada’s west coast and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Calgary, Alberta.  I have been painting since 2009.  It has opened up a wonderful adventure of learning, enjoyment and self discovery. Below you will find  my most recently completed paintings and various others that are intended to show some of the many different styles in which I paint.   I invite you to view them and my other works in the “Portfolio” pages.   Please note that the Portfolio section is slow to load but when it has fully loaded it takes you to several folders, each of which contains images of various paintings.

Below, and on pages in my Portfolio, click beside any image for a slideshow or to see: title, dimensions, price, and a larger representation with truer colours and more detail.

All prices are shown in Canadian dollars.  A painting listed on this site at $500 would cost roughly $375 U.S. dollars when the exchange rate is at $1 Cdn = $0.75 U.S.

I invite you to comment on any piece that moves you. In my blog I also hope to share with you from time to time reflections on life, beauty, and art. Thanks for stopping by!