Upcoming and On-going Exhibitions

I wish to thank all those who visited my website in conjunction with the sale I held on October 7 in honour of my mother’s 100th birthday.  The occasion was a big success from the standpoint of visits (over 5000!) to the site and sales made — one of my best events ever.   Thank you all!  I hope you enjoyed your time perusing my works.  Also, many thanks to those of you who passed along congratulatory greetings to my mother.  You were in the company of the Queen and the Prime Minister in doing so.   Mom enjoyed her big day and the Skype time with family.  It was very special for me to be part of it.

I have thirteen paintings on exhibit and available for purchase at Tigh-Na-Mara Resort and Spa in Parksville, BC.   These include some works never previously exhibited.

Paintings and photographs from other artists bring the total on display throughout the main building (main floor and downstairs) at Tigh-Na-Mara to around sixty — well worth a visit.

During the present provincial health restrictions concerning Covid-19, I am not scheduling any exhibitions or sales.  I look forward to resuming normal operations when possible.  Until then, please visit my home page for postings of new works.  Thank you for your continuing interest in my work.


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