Upcoming and On-going Exhibitions

My sincere thanks to all those who made the recent Originals Only show such a gratifying experience for me.   I very much appreciate the patronage and affirmations which were extended to me.  I’m pleased to say that several of my works found new homes.  My next show will be at the Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens Artisans’ Festival on Labour Day weekend (See the poster at https://woodlandgardens.ca//images/Artisans-Poster-2018.jpg )  I look forward to featuring there my assemblage pieces, as they were not eligible for inclusion in Originals Only.  I’ll also exhibit at Kitty Coleman various paintings,  including some new ones to be completed this month.  The Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens site is a spectacular setting for an art show and the variety and talents of the painters, potters, sculptors, jewellers, photographers, and other vendors are remarkable.  I’ll be in the Sunset Pavilion in the Sunset Garden, as shown on this map:  https://woodlandgardens.ca/pdf/map.pdf      I hope to see you there.

I presently have eleven paintings on exhibit and available for purchase at Tigh-Na-Mara Resort in Parksville, BC.   These include some works never previously exhibited.  Paintings and photographs from other artists bring the total on display throughout the main building (main floor and downstairs) to around sixty — well worth a visit.

I also am currently exhibiting some works at Island CPAP in their Courtenay offices at 111, 750 Comox Road, Courtenay, BC across the street from the White Whale pub.


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