We are drawn to the beauty found in art galleries, museums, exhibits, and musical performance. Yet, in our daily routines there is also an abundance of beauty begging for our attention. Heightening our awareness of our surroundings brings gifts and awakens the senses to the unfolding story of the blessing of each day.
This assemblage seeks to remind us to make a place in our lives for appreciating the beauty in the ‘everyday here and now’. Beauty is ubiquitous – I find it even in decay (e.g., the rusty horseshoe) and the subterranean (tree roots) and in the interaction of animals.
The craftsmanship that went into making antique buttons and the genius that went into the design of the mid-twentieth century typewriters are themselves forms of beauty to me and I have represented each in this piece. The stand for the work is a re-purposed part of the frame of the same 1940s era Remington typewriter that is featured in my piece Portable Typewriter.
The music box set atop the sculpture plays “Moon River”. I invite you to give it a gentle wind or two.

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