Long before computers and word processing software and Twitter and texting, we had the manual typewriter. Those of us who were taught typewriting in school recall vividly the noisy rhythm of the typing class as dozens of students all worked on the same typing exercise. A veritable cacophony rang throughout the room as the bell built into each typewriter sounded every time the users neared the end of a line of typescript.
Portable Typewriter features the essence of a 1940s vintage Remington typewriter. This highly complex and ingeniously designed machine was meant to stay intact and I have largely respected that. With its long carriage and outside casing removed, it easily fits into a shallow wagon and is made portable by pulling on the typewriter ribbon at the front.
For members of the computer generation, this piece is intended as an historical artefact of our progress en route to the contemporary touchscreen and voice recognition software. For my contemporaries, may this piece elicit in you, as it did in me, fond memories of the school days of our youth.

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