The term “beatitude” has its origins in the Latin word “beatitudo”, which referred to “perfect happiness”. Beatitude is about finding happiness in nature and in everyday things, and appreciating what we are given.
When we adopt an attitude of gratitude, we experience serenity and The Creator’s freely given beneficence (“grace”); we are genuinely blessed. Being aware of the sacredness of life and of creation also leads to thanksgiving.
Beatitude brings together objects that symbolize for me some of the many blessings throughout the seasons of my life. Among these are roots and a feather, a young deer, a piece of Mammoth tusk, a circa 1940 Remington typewriter component, a tulip. May these prompt you to pause and reflect on what you would include to commemorate your own blessings. The Italian mirror in the centre of Beatitude invites us to take that deeper look inside, while the watch reminds us of the finite amount of time we are given.

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