This assemblage evokes thoughts of a former time. Rusted metal anchors a cluster of found objects. A lovely lady with angel wings, seems to reach out to the children in the frame below her. A part of a Singer sewing machine circa 1890 is embellished with beads and is encompassed by a small decorated antique circular frame. Gathered functional objects include, beads, washers, buttons, zipper pulls, antique nail, glass crystal from an oil lamp, red necklace, and bells which all seem to blend well with natural dried kelp from the beach, Yukon azurite and mammoth tusk fragment. Together they form an unlikely but beautiful partnership.
The mandate I follow for my making my assemblage sculptures is that every effort is made to celebrate the past and to recycle and reuse. A creative way of placing objects together gives new meaning and purpose to the items. The original glass used for the backdrop of the piece has been wrapped with fabric. It provides support and keeps the glass out of landfill.

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