In today’s environment, small natural objects co-exist with rusty metal and nails. The objects comprising this assemblage include both man-made materials, like metal debris, and natural items, all of which were found scattered in woods and meadows.

The area surrounding my house was once home to birds and other forest and meadow creatures, but is now the site of a new neighbourhood under construction. A walk in the area where new homes have not yet been built will sometimes reveal bits of old cars long ago abandoned and forgotten. Covered in moss, grasses and twigs, and recently unearthed in the clearing of the land, these fragments of a different time symbolise to me time as both a constructive and destructive force.

The line between life and art blurs. In this assemblage, nails found around the houses under construction fill the crack in the metal, providing contrast between old and new. The unwanted scrap metal debris is transformed here into a cavity that is a special place for capturing the beauty and essence of the area. It holds natural materials such as alder cones, cedar, pebbles, shells, bones, moss and feathers in a protected environment. The cedar root runs the length of the cavity and also forms the nest. A bird seems to oversee the shift in its environment which has been altered by construction and yet is still its home. The bird serves as a reminder of the need to be sensitive to our natural environment, especially in times of change.

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